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Posted by on Jun 12, 2017 in wooden gates |

The Key Advantages of Wooden Gates

Why Choose Wooden Gateswooden_gates_derby_8

The type of gates that are best suitable to your property is important and upon reflection there is a great deal of choice available. However, one of the most popular options for both domestic and commercial premises are wooden gates. They can be used to improve security, maintain privacy and create an attractive professional appearance. These features are beneficial and key aspects as to why wooden gates are an important investment a matter much discussed in our article below.


Gates serve a purpose for a multitude of roles for business and domestic properties. They are often installed to areas such as driveways, side entrances, and loading bays for industrial premises. A professional gate supplier can advise you on suitability


Due wooden gates diverse appearance they never appear to fall out of fashion. With numerous styles, each offering distinctive features they can be tailored to suit the specifications of various properties. From traditional to modern and contemporary designs they consist of natural material sourced in wood types that complement and befit your requirements. Furthermore, enhance and coordinate your wooden gate to the characteristics of your property easily by changing the overall finish with painted colour or varnish.


Wood is considered a highly cost-effective material when manufacturing gates, as timber is generally cheaper than metal. Additionally, wooden gates require little future maintenance and have greater longevity if kept in good condition. Higher quality timber will provide increased protection against decay and discoloration whilst consisting of natural strength and durability remaining hard wearing throughout the seasons.


Privacy is equally as important as security, especially for commercial and business premises. If you have important goods or access points you would rather keep out of clear sight of passers-by, a wooden gate can easily form a tight barrier where needed.


A wooden gate is an extremely effective structure for security. However, there are a few considerations such as choosing hardwoods over softwoods and the impact in which height, locking systems and reinforcement will have. Nevertheless, they prove highly successful at deterring and preventing opportunistic crime. Often safeguarding property, contents and premises by providing a strong deterrent which is a robust barrier which is tough to break down.

Further Guidance for Wooden Gates

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